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What we do

Radchem deals with specialty chemicals, radiator coolants, bulk chemicals, cleaning chemicals and detergents for household, hospitals and industrial sectors. Radchem is also the sole distributor for Soudal-Belgium in the eastern province. Soudal-Belgium is a global manufacturer of sealants, adhesive & PU Foams for construction industry and households.

Radchem Strategy

Our Mission, Vision & Values
Our Mission

With Radchem’s trained marketing and sales team we are able to provide the best after sales and service support around the kingdom. our mission is serving all of our clients as a solution provider and partner with the best possible technology and innovation. we promise high quality competitive price and best service to clients.

Our Vision

One of the most renowned and reputed trader for specialty chemicals and adhesives has a vision of making presence across the middle eastern region. the company has established itself as one of the major players of specialty chemicals and sealants and is just few steps away from reaching to the top traders list.

Our Values

Our products provide a better way in terms of efficiency, safety, quality and energy conservation, values that are seen today as a whole mark of advanced building systems throughout the world.

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Since 1995

Radchem established its roots in Saudi Arabia in the year 1995, since then we are always ready to serve the market with best of service & customer satisfaction, as our prime objective is. we have always pushed the limits and is what now is a well known trader in the eastern province for the goodwill and marketing strategies. we are established to provide top of the line services in a new area of marketing. The company has managed to combine creativeness in sale and marketing to put to use at the fullest with its self actualizing staff, guided by its energetic management.

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